Hi, my name is Austin. 

I create awesome website and applications for extraordinary organizations.

Some of the technology I’m passionate about include Vue.js, Node.js, Ethereum blockchain, WordPress, and making the web more accessible.

I’ve worked with large nonprofit organizations, starups, and government agencies to create award-winning products.

In my free time I also work on fun and interesting side projects, speak at events, and volunteer with my local tech community.

Personal Projects

Carbon Grid
A simple, lightweight, responsive CSS grid system built on flexbox.

Styles Check
A Single Page Application built with Vue.js to help developers audit their global styles.

A web app built with React that helps travel-hackers browse credit cards based on their bonuses.

Murder MAystery
A single page app (SPA) for social-group fun
Read a bit more about it

An opinionated starting point for styling base HTML elements.

Color Converter
A progressive web app (PWA) that converts hex colors to RGB and RGBA.

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