Hi, my name is Austin.

I'm a professional web developer and speaker currently living in San Diego, Ca.

Professionally, I work with WordPress all day building websites for some of the world’s leading causes, and in my free time I build web applications with JavaScript (Node.js, Vue.js, Express, Webpack, and more). I also dedicate time to personal growth, business development, speaking at conferences, contributing to open source projects, mentoring, volunteering, and learning the latest technologies.

I studied Kinesiology in school, but after discovering web development, I got hooked. It has been an ever-growing passion since. Today I build websites and applications that satisfy users and bring value to clients. My projects follow best practices for semantic markup, performance, responsive design, security, cross browser compatibility, accessibility, and SEO.

Outside of work I like to read, go camping, play soccer, ride my bicycle, travel, do yoga, and eat pizza.

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