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Hi, my name is Austin.

I create award-winning digital products for international nonprofits, growing startups, and government agencies.

 In my free time, I work on interesting side projects, speak at events, organize the San Diego JavaScript and Vue meetups, and volunteer with my local community.

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What I Do

Web Development

Technical Consulting

Training Workshops

Event Speaking

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Tools I use


Interesting Side Projects

A Vue.js toolset for building accessible, light weight, and custom designed applications.

Particles CSS
A customizable SCSS library for utility-first CSS.

A web app built with Vue.js and WordPress that helps travel-hackers browse credit cards based on their bonuses.

Carbon Grid
A simple, lightweight, responsive CSS grid system built on flexbox.

Style Check
A Single Page Application built with Vue.js to help developers audit their global styles.

Murder Mystery
A single page app (SPA) for social-group fun.
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An opinionated starting point for styling base HTML elements.

Color Converter
A progressive web app (PWA) that converts hex colors to RGB and RGBA.

Stuff I've Written, Recorded, Presented

CSS Blog Cover
How to Build HTML Forms Right: Styling

This article covers HTML form design patterns, common gotchas, and CSS tips. You should be able to walk away with some new knowledge and helpful code snippets.

vue logo
Vuetensils 0.6: Simpler Forms, Better Accessibility, & Useful Filters!

Some really cool news is coming to Vuetensils users. The latest version has some really cool features: new VForm component and other improvements to form authoring, really nice accessibility updates, and brand new filters to make life easier, as well as some important bug fixes.

vue logo
Vuetensils 0.5.0 Released!

The latest release of Vuetensils is out, and there’s a lot of great things coming with it. New component, new directive, and several improvements/bug fixes.

My 2020 Predictions & Resolutions for Technology

There are already tons of articles out there predicting which emerging technologies will take over, and which current leaders will be de-throwned. This is not one of those articles. Rather, I am going to focus my predictions around my own use of technology, and how things are looking for me going into 2020.

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